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Integrated R-based Analysis of the Natural environment

Free open-source data is ubiquitous (it is everywhere). In addition, recent availability of free and open analytic software such as R and numPy – and many others – means that everyone can do state-of-the-art science by just knowing the basics and letting imagination and curiosity guide the rest.

This site is dedicated to all those interested in studying the climate of Iran – and with a little tweaking of the source code – the surrounding countries, using R and freely available climate and remote sensing datasets.\\*

The objectives are to inform you of:

• How to install the R package on your computer • Show you the basics of writing programs in R • Introduce you to a couple of free climate and remote sensing databases • Show you how to use these datasets in R and perform some sophisticated statistics • Provide a forum to exchange information about your findings

Who are we:

Dr. Peyman Zawar-Reza is an Associate Professor at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Being an expat Iranian means that I have a natural curiosity towards all things related to climate and environment of Iran. I have worked with several Iranian PhD students (some while undertaking their studies at an Iranian university and some that studied with me). I am also an adjunct Professor at the University of Tehran (Department of Geography), although it has been a while since I have taught there.

Dr. Tim Appelhans is a member of academic staff at the University of Marburg

Florian Detsch is currently completing his PhD research

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